26 of April 2016

ALER visits Electricity Training Centre in Luanda, Angola

During our field trip to Angola, ALER met with the General Director of the Electricity Training Centre Hoji-ya-Henda, Armindo Mussungo, and was invited to visit the Centre's premises in Luanda.

The Centre aims to provide training through modern methods and updating didactic and pedagogical resources, in order to contribute to the country’s energy sector development.

This institution is prepared to train Ministry of Energy and Water staff, as well as provide electrical and mechanical courses to young students in order to help them get their first job. An example of this was the participation of the Ministry of Energy and Water staff in a 5-day workshop on Photovoltaic Solar Energy for Rural Electrification held last year.

The main areas covered by the training programs are distribution networks, transport networks, hydropower plants, thermal power plants, industrial and commercial maintenance, and prevention and safety.

Courses are taught by national and foreign teachers.

The following courses are available:

Basic Electricity, General Electrical Training Level I, General Electrical Training Level II, BT/ MT Air and Underground Networks, Conservation and Troubleshooting in PT's, PT's Cleaning and  Maintenance, BT/MT Protections Network, BT/MT Electricians malfunctions pickets, Substations and Gas Turbines Protections, Substation Maintenance, Public Lighting, Inspection of Electrical installations, Driving a Dispatch I, Driving a Dispatch II, General Mechanical Training, General Mechanical Training II, Industrial Maintenance, Diesel Thermal Power Operation and Maintenance, Informatics, Technology, Pedagogical Training for Trainers, Developing Middle Management Skills and Electrical Protection.