29 of May 2017

ALER welcomes new member the Ministry of Energy and Industry of Guinea-Bissau

ALER welcomes its latest Honorary Member, the Ministry of Energy and Industry of Guinea-Bissau.

Guinea-Bissau is increasingly committed to promoting renewable energies in the country, one example being the 1st Tender of the Facility to Promote Renewables in Guinea-Bissau (EREF-GB), which the deadline was extended until 30 June.

In terms of the Energy sector in Guinea-Bissau, after forty years of independence, Guinea-Bissau still cannot produce enough electricity to sustain its development and improve living conditions for the population. The current production capacity is around 10 MW, not even covering 10% of the consumption needs at a national level. Check here the priorities defined by the Government of Guinea Bissau for the energy sector (in Portuguese only - we suggest doing a search for the word energia).