15 of October 2015

ALER Workshop promoted discussion of Cape Verde's renewable energy

ALER organized in partnerships with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Sotavento (CCISS) a workshop under the motto "Private Sector Involvement in Renewable Energy in Cape Verde: Opportunities and challenges", on 14th October, at the Centre of Renewable Energy and Industrial Maintenance (CERMI) in Cidade da Praia, Cape Verde.


The workshop aimed to present the survey results "Prospects of Renewable Energy Development in Cape Verde" developed by ALER for measuring renewable sector stakeholders' needs and expectations in Cape Verde, especially the private sector.


The event attracted around 80 people, many from Cape Verdean entities and German companies (included in the German delegation program), who actively participated throughout the debate, thus contributing to a better dialogue and shared knowledge on renewable energy in Cape Verde.

The panel discussion offered both direct and indirect views to the survey results, by the following invited speakers: Eng. Osvaldo Nogueira (Electra), Eng. Anildo Costa (Director-General of Energy), Eng. Anthony Fortes (Cabeólica), Eng. Emilio Benrós (Lobosolar) and Eng . Camilo José de Pina (UniCV) and it was moderated by Jansénio Delgado (ECREEE).

It should be pointed out that, among the data collected, the regulatory framework, funding and the consumers' purchasing power are considered the main barriers to renewable energy implementation and development in Cape Verde.

Participants were also informed about ALER’s future activities:

  • Setting up a working group;
  • Preparing an evaluation report including results and recommendations for the next government;
  • Monitoring and participation at all stages of the regulatory review process;
  • Supporting the setting-up of a National Renewable Energy Association in Cape Verde;
  • Implementation of CPLP Energy Network and promote Cape Verde’s experience.