28 of October 2022

ALER’s Executive Director in an interview with Forbes África Lusófona magazine

Isabel Cancela de Abreu, ALER’s Executive Director, spoke with Forbes África Lusófona where she talked about the path that led her to the moment of creation of ALER, about the main activities of the association and about the work that has been developed throughout the years, namely, with the national associations of Angola, Mozambique and São Tomé and Príncipe.


 Among the different activities that ALER develops within the countries of action, in the words of the journalist, “the distribution of information about the market, the conciliation of challenges, with the regulatory framework and the lack of it, the promotion of local content and giving a voice to the private sector are the association's major contributions in creating a market for renewable energies in the Portuguese-speaking world, in addition to accompanying the creation and operation of national associations”.


The Women Sustainable Energy Program (PESM) is also highlighted, either by the work developed in achieving the female empowerment of women in the sector or, even, by the projects that were prepared and presented by the women entrepreneurs who were candidates for the program.


After PESM, "we are going to try to raise funding for all the projects, because they are very good, in several areas". Precisely to make it possible to implement renewable energy projects in the local communities of the candidates, a crowdfunding platform was created to support and seek funding for each project. Learn more here.


“The organization increasingly intends to include female empowerment, entrepreneurship and the energy-water nexus in its action strategy, striving to ensure the 2030 goals and then thinking about the future.”


Read the full interview, available here.