28 of September 2023

ALER's Executive Director participates in the Mozambique Gas & Energy Summit on the same day that Marcelina Mataveia is honoured with the 'Energy Woman of the Year' award

ALER's Executive Director, Isabel Cancela de Abreu, was a guest speaker on the second day of the Mozambique Gas & Energy Summit, taking part in the panel "Gas, LNG & Renewables: Working Together towards Decarbonisation & Energy Transition". During her presentation, the ALER representative defended the role of gas as an energy transition fuel, which is still necessary to complement renewable energies in meeting the challenges of the grid. Only as a transitional facilitator to achieve a 100 per cent renewable energy mix.


Also speaking on the same panel was Eng Marcelina Mataveia, National Director of Energy at the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME), who was honoured at the ceremony as "Energy Woman of the Year".


For the National Energy Director, this award "was a very big and pleasant surprise, which makes me realise that the work I've been doing has been noticed and valued. I hope that I can continue to deserve this trust and this honour. To do so, I count on the support of all of you who have been working with me to support the development of the energy sector. After all, nobody works alone. We're all a team, and I hope to continue to deserve this privilege," Marcelina Mataveia told ALER.


ALER President and founder of Gaia Gaia EES Consulting, Mayra Pereira, stood out as moderator on a panel dedicated to debating "Community Access to Clean Energy in Mozambique and the Region: How can Mozambique become climate and energy resilient?".


Photo credits © Mariano Silva