29 of October 2021

ALER's Executive Director participates in the RELOP 2021's Debate Cycle

ALER's Executive Director, Isabel Cancela de Abreu participated as speaker in the 2nd session of the RELOP 2021's II Cycle of Debates, under the topic “Impact of climate change on the hydrocarbons sector”.


The session, moderated by Olegário Tiny, Executive Director of the ANP-STP and which also included the participation of António Comprido from APETRO (Portuguese Association of Petroleum Companies), focused on answering the question “does there still exist, or not, a place for hydrocarbons, given the energy transition?”.


The event discussed the destiny of this sector and how companies are preparing for the necessary transition.


ALER's Executive Director presented the case study of TOTAL, an ALER Associate, to exemplify the change in the strategy of Oil&Gas companies and their entry into the electricity sector, in particular renewables. She also gave concrete examples of projects by these companies in the PALOP countries, such as the solar parks of ENI and TOTAL EREN in Angola and the pre-selection of TOTAL EREN for the PROLER renewable contest in Mozambique.


Isabel Cancela de Abreu also listed the several opportunities and challenges that the entry of these new players in the sector represents.


She ended her speach by giving the recommendation to the various regulators, that are part of RELOP, on the importance of ensuring a favorable regulatory framework and physical infrastructure to absorb the various renewable projects, focusing on the need to give confidence to investors and highlighting the procedural complexity.