31 of January 2020

ALER’s General Assembly

ALER's General Assembly was held last January 27 at the headquarters of the Association in Lisbon. This meeting was attended by 17 members on site and 6 members remotely via teleconference, corresponding to 69% of the votes.


Firstly, the proposal to amend ALER's statutes and internal rules was presented, unanimously approved by all the present members. This translates into a change in membership categories and their respective fees, together with the abolition of entry fees, which will represent a reduction in ALER membership costs, thereby hoping to facilitate the adhesion of new members, especially local companies that will have a special category with lower membership costs. It will also be possible for individual members to join.


Subsequently, ALER's proposed Activity Plan and Budget for 2020 was presented, starting with a summary of the lessons from the previous year. 2019 was a year of structuring and dedication of the team to areas of specialty and, despite the reduced activity of the financed projects, ALER continued to organize events on its own initiative reinforcing its relevance and visibility.


The Association reached the end of the year with 15 new members as a result of the high impact of the fundraising campaigns, which allowed a greater and more diversified critical mass, a characteristic considered fundamental to ALER's mission.


The Activity Plan and Budget for 2020 includes the realization of several initiatives during the current year, the first of which will be the organization of the conference Renewables in Mozambique 2020, which is already in its 2ndEdition and will take place from March 23 to 25 in Maputo, as well as the extension of ALER's scope of action to Angola, where various activities are planned, including support for the creation of the Angolan Renewable Energy Association (ASAER) and many others that we hope to share soon!


The Supervisory Board presented its favourable opinion on the budget for 2020, which it considered detailed and ambitious, stressing that this year is expected to have the highest level of activity and revenue in ALER's history.


The present members unanimously approved the Activity Plan and Budget for 2020.