30 of April 2019

ALER’s participation in April events

ALER was invited to participate in two events this month, with Isabel Cancela de Abreu, ALER’s  Executive Director, in representation as a speaker.


The 2ndCabo Verde Development Forum was held on April 10 at Centro Cultural de Cascais, supported by the Cape Verde Government, with the presence of the Cape Verde Vice-Prime Minister, Olavo Correia. The objective of the event was to demonstrate a set of policies and measures that have the purpose to make Cape Verde a capable state, able to attract interest and investment. The Forum addressed this theme in several areas such as Maritime Economics, Renewable Energies, Tourism and New Communication Technologies, which have been areas of increasing development and priorities for the country.


Isabel Cancela de Abreu shared "The Future of Renewable Energies in Cape Verde" panel with the General Director of Industry, Commerce and Energy of Cape Verde and the President of the Board of ELECTRA, Alcindo Mota, where she demonstrated that the country is on the right track for a sustainable future and is without doubt an example to follow.


Photos available here.


The second event, the seminar "Renewable Energies in the PALOP".  was held on April 11 at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, and it was organized by the Department of Geographic Engineering, Geophysics and Energy (DEGGE) of the Faculty of Sciences.


In this seminar, Isabel presented the latest developments in renewable energies in the PALOP, preceded by a brief overview of the trends, the typology of projects and the main topics. Information about the legal and institutional framework, the energy profile, the resources and projects by technology, market analysis and the offer of education and training were presented for each country, whenever possible.