21 of December 2021

AMER held on 13 December the Second General Assembly 2021

On December 13 2021, at 10 am, the members of the AMER Board of Directors, associated members, members of the General Assembly and the KH Cooperation Partner met for the second Ordinary General Assembly.


The General Assembly was chaired by its president, Professor Boaventura Chongo Cuamba and the president of the association, Ricardo Costa Pereira.


During this session Jan Niclas Genenhues, partner of the association, in his speech of honour expressed his gratitude to be part of this general assembly and his satisfaction in collaborating with AMER.


Also in his speech, Jan Niclas congratulated AMER for its participation in COP26 where AMER publicly presented its position and empahsized its role, contribution and engagement in the renewable energy sector and the energy transition in Mozambique.


After the speech of Jan Niclas, the president of AMER Ricardo Costa Pereira, proceeded with the presentation of several documents for the appraisal of members.


In this assembly the 2019 and 2020 accounts report, the action plan for 2022, the strategic plan 2021-2023, the communication strategy and also the electoral regulation for the future elections of the members of the AMER Board in 2022, were unanimously approved.


Source: AMER