30 of September 2020

AMER Webinars Series

The second webinar of AMER, ALER's partners, took place on 1stSeptember 2020, under the theme “Applications of Renewable Energies in the Commercial and Industrial Sectors (C&I)”.


The event featured two participations from the most recent partnerships made between AMER, Associação Industrial de Moçambique (AIMO) and the magazine Mozambique Real Estate which presented the most recent work, thus placing another exhibition for AMER's associate members through a magazine.


The event also featured presentations by companies from the Commercial and Industrial sector (C&I), which generated a very interesting debate among the panelists and aroused several questions from the participants.


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The next AMER webinar will already take place on October 13thwith the theme “Mini-Grids in Mozambique” and will be divided into two sessions, from 10:30AM to 11:45AM and from 2:30PM to 2:45PM (CAT / CET).


In the first session, the perspectives of the private sector will be discussed and mini-grids developers in Mozambique will be presented. For this purpose, companies operating in the area of ​​mini-networks were invited to explain their activities and perspectives for the future of the sector. Still in this session, AMER intends to hear the legal perspectives of the sector in the presentation by lawyer Taciana Peão Lopes.


The second session aims to expose public sector support for mini-networks. FUNAE, represented by its PCA António Saíde, will present FUNAE's experience and share some of the lessons learned.


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Source and Image © AMER