22 of July 2016

«Angola Energy 2025» project

The "Angola Energy 2025" project, developed by Gesto Energia for the Ministry of Energy and Water of Angola (MINEA), includes the production of the Renewable Energy Atlas and the Power Sector Long Term Vision until 2025.


This document assesses the main long term options, and establishes the Government’s atlas and vision for development of the electricity sector in the 2018-2025 horizon, identifying priority investments in generation, transmission and interconnection, as well as the distribution and network expansion model up until 2025.


The long term strategy Angola 2025, establishes strategic objectives for the country, which represent strategic challenges for the development of the energy sector, independent from the current situation of the oil markets.


The growth of generation capacity and the expansion of the grid, as well as the mobilization of private capital, are strategic long-term axes established in the Policy and Strategy for National Energy Security, with impact on the long term development of the country and on the diversification of the national economy.


The National Development Plan and the Action Plan for the Sector, establish clear investment goals and plans for the 2013-2017 horizon. Given the long implementation timeframes for investments in the sector, it is critical that priorities and key projects are defined now, for a 2018-2025 timeframe, in line with the goals and aspirations of Angola Strategy 2025 and the Electric Sector Transformation Process (PTSE), currently underway.


The long term strategy considers the implementation of a development strategy for the energy sector which promotes investment optimization, both across time and across different energy sources, in order to meet internal consumption and exports.


The strategy establishes global strategic objectives and pillars that represent important challenges which should guide the development of the power sector until 2025, namely:


  1. To promote human development and the well-being of Angolans
  2. To ensure a high rate of economic development
  3. To harmoniously develop the national territory
  4. To promote an equitative and sustainable development
  5. To promote Angola’s competitive insertion in the World Economy


Consult and download the publications developed with the results of the «Angola Energy 2025» project:

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