2 of December 2021

ASAER launches its 1st Newsletter

ASAER – Angolan Association of Renewable Energies was presented on September 30, at the event "ASAER and the promotion of renewable energies in Angola" held in the auditorium of the Kilamba Building, in Luanda, with online transmission, organised by ASAER, in partnership with ALER and the support of the British Embassy in Angola, BP and the European program Get.Invest – European program supported by the European Union, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands and Austria.


The new Association recently launched the first Newsletter “of a long-lasting sequence of newsletters, where, in addition to informing about its activity, it can note opportunities that serve those who read it, in particular its members, as well as including reflections. on concerns that are on the agenda, on issues related to renewable energies”, he says.


In this 1st edition, we can read excerpts from the interview made by the newspaper Expansão to the President of ASAER, Victor Fontes, meet the new members and find out about the next events that the association is organizing, as well as in which ones it will participate.


The association “hopes that the importance of the newsletter will grow with the growth of ASAER, and this will only grow if it can count on the active participation of all those who identify with the need to promote renewable energies in Angola”.


Read the 1st ASAER Newsletter HERE