National Assembly of the Republic of Mozambique approves Electricity Law
30 of March 2022
National Assembly of the Republic of Mozambique approves Electricity Law

The Plenary of the National Assembly approved, this last Wednesday, March 30th, by consensus, the Proposal for the Revision of Law nº 21/97, of October 1st, Electricity Law, a document with Government authorship that aims to, among several aspects, adapt the legal framework to the challenges of universal access to energy, with quality and reliability, using all energy sources, especially renewable sources, and promoting the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, having with a view to development and energy transition, under the provisions of article 178 of the Republic Constitution.


According to the proponent, the Electricity Law created conditions for the opening of the electricity sector to the private sector, through the legal regime of concessions, and created the figure of Manager of the National Electricity Transmission Grid and the National Electricity Council, transforming into Energy Regulatory Authority (ARENE), with a role in conducting the processes for granting concessions and establishing and approving tariffs and prices.


The text explains that, since the approval of the Electricity Law in 1997, almost 24 years ago, the energy sector has registered a considerable evolution, substantiating itself, in the increase of the access to energy, both through the national electricity grid and through isolated systems based on photovoltaic systems, including residential solar systems; in the signing of more than ten electricity generation concessions, with a total of production capacity equivalent to 3,873 Megawatts, including those of Gigawatt, CTRG, Kuvaninga and Mocuba already in production.


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