30 of November 2022

Belgium will finance renewable energy projects in Mozambique

Belgium announced on November 7th a new cooperation program with Mozambique for five years, worth 25 million euros, for the development of projects in ​​renewable energies and waste management.


“Our country is going to help Mozambique so that it can invest in green energy instead of fossil fuels”, said the Belgian Development Minister, Frank Vandenbroucke, within the framework of COP27.


The official is quoted in the statement from the diplomatic representation in Maputo, which details the stakes of the new cooperation programme.


The support for the period 2023-2028 is attributed considering that Mozambique is indicated as one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change and is, at the same time, one of the least developed in the world.


Despite the riches of the subsoil, the initiative foresees studies to produce green hydrogen in Mozambique and the Belgian Development Agency will supply remote areas without connection to the electricity grid with solar panels.


According to Lusa, the supply of drinking water and irrigation solutions based on solar energy are also being planned.


Belgium will also support the implementation of a national program for sustainable waste management, which includes the construction of recycling facilities in Nacala and Nampula, with additional support from a multi-donor fund (NAMA).


Of the 25 million announced, there are 2.5 million euros specifically earmarked for the loss and damage component to make public infrastructure more resilient to storms and floods.


Belgium also announced an additional contribution of one million euros for new drinking water installations in Mozambique.


Source © Forbes África Lusófona