30 of October 2023

C&I: Photovoltaic solar panel project at Matola Mall in Mozambique

Novare, an investment solutions company, announced in August a new project to install photovoltaic panels for the Novare Matola Mall commercial area in Mozambique, which will serve as a complement to the supply of energy through the electricity grid.


This new investment comes in collaboration with renewable energy company Enteria Moçambique, and includes the supply and installation of 777.84 kW of photovoltaic solar panels and eight solar inverters, generating 1.1 million kWh of sustainable energy per year.

This solution is expected to save 5.48 million meticais per year in energy costs and help offset the negative emissions resulting from the on-site backup diesel generators.


A licence has also been granted to upgrade the system to a total capacity of 2500 kW, which will only be implemented in a second phase, when an agreement is reached with the electricity supply authority to receive credit for the energy supplied to the grid.


Novare plans to expand this eco-friendly initiative to other African countries as part of an African-wide effort to improve the environmental status of its property portfolio.


Other C&I projects: Balama graphite mine

In Mozambique, there are other projects that, through the installation of solar systems, sometimes complemented by batteries, seek to meet the needs of energy supply.


The Balama graphite mine is one example, in which an 11 MW hybrid PV system coupled to an 8.5 MW battery system and with diesel generators in back-up has been installed, demonstrating that it is possible for a mine to operate off-grid using renewable energy sources to sustain its operation.


Find out more about installing renewable energy systems as a complement to, or alternative to, grid supply, in Chapter 4. "Commercial and Industrial" of the "Briefing: Renewables for Mozambique 2022", available here.