30 of November 2020

Cabeólica's wind farms saved 53,600 tons of CO2 in 2019

Cabeólica, ALER’s Member, published its 2019 Annual Report, where it is stated that the electricity generated by the company's four wind farms prevented the emission of 53,692 tons of CO2 in 2019, despite a production drop of 7.7 % compared to 2018.


The company maintained its installed capacity of 25.5 MW, with 30 wind turbines distributed across the wind farms on the islands of Santiago (11), Sal (9), São Vicente (7) and Boa Vista (3).


In the document, the administration states that the operation in 2019 remained “efficient and profitable”, despite having been a year “with one of the least favorable wind conditions recorded in the company's history”. Moreover, the exceptional electricity production by the same wind farms in 2018 already predicted a break.


In “strict compliance” with the electricity purchase and sale contract signed with the sector's concessionaire, the utility Electra, Cabeólica's wind farms in 2019 produced around 78,575 MWh, preventing the equivalent of 53,692 tons of CO2 in comparison with the same production by fossil fuels.


Cabeólica’s wind farms resulted from a 2008 Public-Private Partnership agreement between InfraCo Africa Limited, the Government of Cape Verde and the state group Electra, that six years later reached its record, guaranteeing about 24% of the electricity consumed in the archipelago, making it one of the countries with the highest penetration rate of wind energy in the world.


Read more here and read the full report here.


Source © Expresso das Ilhas

Image © Cabeolica