27 of October 2023

Cape Verde already has a National Renewable Energy Association: Meet ACER

October was the starting month for the Cape Verdean Renewable Energy Association (ACER), founded with the aim of actively participating in the promotion of renewable energies and in the energy transition process of Cape Verde, ACER intends to represent companies in the sector before public and international institutions.


Cape Verde joins, from now on, Mozambique and Angola, which also have their national associations, AMER and ASAER, respectively.


Like its sister associations, ACER was promoted by ALER to promote the development of renewable energies in Cape Verde, and to ensure the representativeness and coordination of the sector.


It was with this first objective outlined that the first General Assembly of ACER took place on October 12th, in which Jansénio Delgado, from the company Electric Wind, was unanimously elected President of the Association. Once the President was elected, the members of the Board of Directors and the other governing bodies were approved.


From that moment on, ACER was officially integrated by eight Cape Verdean companies in the renewable energy sector, namely ALER's Members, Águas de Ponta Preta and Cabeólica, together with the Cape Verde Competence Centre – CDC 3C, ARES - Atlantic Renewable Energy Solutions, CERMI - Centre for Renewable Energy and Industrial Maintenance,  ElectricWind, LoboSolar and Repower.


On October 14th, ACER was officially announced to the public and the media, at the IV edition of the International Fair of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (FIEREE) in the city of Praia.


The presentation ceremony of ACER was chaired by ALER’s Executive Director, Isabel Cancela de Abreu and the President of ACER. Representing the Government, the National Director of Industry and Energy, Rito Évora, welcomed the initiative which, he said, was cherished by the executive from the beginning.


"Having a single interlocutor that can bring together the concerns of the sector is very positive, since in a more complex phase of the energy transition process, interinstitutional coordination with operators will be an important task", he added. 


To the media present, the President of ACER, Jansénio Delgado, explained that ACER "is an association that results from an express will of a founding group of companies, but that will naturally be open to all companies in the sector that wish to join this great objective and mission of promoting renewable energy in Cape Verde".


For more information about ACER contact: acer.geral.cv@gmail.com