24 of April 2024

Cape Verde government signs contract with Cabeólica for project to double wind energy production

On 5th April, the Cape Verdean government signed a contract with Cabeólica (an ALER Member) for the ‘expansion of the wind farm and energy storage battery’ project, which will double wind energy production in Cape Verde.


According to the Chairman of Cabeólica's Board, Bruno Lopes, this is an investment of 50 million euros (PTE 5.5 billion), which aims to reinforce the installed wind energy capacity with new equipment of a much larger size than the existing ones. As he pointed out, three professional turbines with a diameter of 150 meters and a height of 105 meters will be installed at the Santiago wind farm, as well as storage systems on the islands of Santiago and Sal.


Bruno Lopes said that with this investment the company will increase its production capacity from 25 to 40MW and in terms of batteries it will go from zero to 30MW. As well as practically doubling wind energy generation, the project will also increase solar energy production capacity. Bruno Lopes stated that this project alone will make it possible to achieve 30% renewable energy penetration by 2025.


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