20 of December 2021

Cape Verde wants to achieve 30% of electricity production from renewable sources by 2025

The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Energy of Cape Verde, Alexandre Monteiro, recently participated in a steering committee meeting for the closure of the Renewable Energy Sector Support Program (PASER), during which, he assured that the Government aims to achieve 30% of electricity production from renewable sources in 2025.



According to the Minister, Cape Verde's strategy is to increase its resilience in the face of external shocks, by reducing energy dependence on the import of fossil fuels, taking advantage of the potential of renewable energies in the country and introducing energy efficiency incentives in the public and private sectors.


Alexandre Monteiro also acknowledged that the energy plan was "strongly conditioned" due to the Covid-19 pandemic but assured that the country remains focused on "accelerating" the energy transition, saying that even due to the constraints caused by the pandemic, some activities were carried out in essential projects to the country to achieve its goal of producing more than50% of renewable energy by 2030".


PASER is part of the fourth Indicative Cooperation Program (PIC) 2016-2020 between Luxembourg and Cape Verde and was implemented in 2015 with the objective of contributing to universal access to clean, reliable, modern, and affordable energy, as well as strengthening the governance, regulation and business conditions of the renewable energy sector in Cape Verde.