21 of April 2017

Cape Verde will ratify Paris Agreement soon

Cape Verde is expected to ratify the Paris Agreement on climate change soon, the Environment Minister said at a conference in which he reaffirmed the country's priority commitment for electricity generation from renewable sources.


The Minister of the Environment spoke to an audience of Cape Verdean and foreign experts attending a conference, in the city of Praia, to mark the five years of the renewable energy company Cabeólica.

"We contribute very little to the increase of greenhouse gas emissions - the entire African continent does not contribute more than 4.5%, but we are a country that suffers greatly and we have a low adaptive capacity to adverse effects of climate change" said the Minister.


That's why, Gilberto Silva sustained, "the promotion of projects aimed at clean and renewable energies generation should be one of Cape Verde’s government priority objectives.” He also said that with 22% renewable energy coverage, Cape Verde is "in the first league of countries with a high penetration rate" of this type of energy. "The energy challenge is on the same level as the water challenge. We are obliged to see these policies in an integrated way and to consider them as priorities for our country 'ad eternum', he stressed.

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