19 of December 2015

CERMI hosts several activities during December to promote renewables

The Centre of Renewable Energy and Industrial Maintenance (CERMI) located in Praia, Cape Verde, has organized during the month of December several activities to promote renewable energies.

The training sessions of four Renewable Energy and Industrial Maintenance courses (Level 5) for young people have started in December 7. These courses include:


1.  Installation and maintenance of low-power wind energy production systems Technical Course;

2. Installation and maintenance of solar thermal systems for domestic hot water heating Technical Course;

3. Installation and maintenance of photovoltaic power generation systems Technical Course;

4. Assembly and maintenance of air conditioning and refrigeration systems Technical Course.

Each course lasts 16 months and CERMI aims to prepare excellent professionals for renewable energies and industrial maintenance market in Cape Verde and in African Region, in Portuguese-speaking African Countries (PALOP) and ECOWAS.

Since its opening, in March, the Center has conducted nine short training courses in order to train trainers of their pool of trainers, as well as business and technical experts in energy and industrial maintenance. CERMI continues, undoubtedly, to show its determination to implement its strategy to train and prepare human resources capable of meeting the needs required for the transformation in the field of energy in general, and renewable energies, in particular.

Between 14 and 15 December, CERMI hosted a regional validation workshop on certification of solar PV installers.


The completion of this second workshop, the first took place in September in Burkina Faso, aims to support entrepreneurs and interested in the development of renewable energy sources to identify the opportunities and business plans. It proved that there is availability for the development of micro and small companies in Cape Verde and in the sub region.

CERMI confirmed, through these actions, their willingness to support entrepreneurship and incubation of new ideas and project start-ups.

This event is held under the ECOWAS Project, Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship Support Facility - 2015/2016, the result of a partnership between the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE). It is a project coordinated at the strategic level, the IRENA and the ECREEE, and, at the operational level, the Renewable Energy Center and Industrial Maintenance (CERMI) and the International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering in Burkina Faso.

Photo ©  Inforpress