28 of April 2021

Clean Cooking Explorer – the new platform to help clean cooking transition

The Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA), in partnership with the World Resources Institute (WRI), is building an online, open-source, and interactive geospatial data platform, the first of its kind focused on clean cooking. Called the Clean Cooking Explorer (CCE), this integrated energy planning platform aims to provide stakeholders across public and private sectors with the data and tools needed to inform their strategies for a robust clean cooking transition, especially those related to electric cooking.


The CCE will leverage WRI’s experience in the development of the Energy Access Explorer (EAE), while building on CCA’s deep engagement in developing clean cooking markets in Nepal and around the world.


The Clean Cooking Explorer will enable users to visualize, interpret, and analyze geospatial datasets, such as location-specific data on demographics, access to cooking fuels, supply infrastructure and more. The tool will empower users to leverage optimal technology mixes for specific regions based on existing and potential demand and supply trends.


Read more about the platform here.


Source and Image © CCA