29 of June 2017

“Clean Energies in the Context of Climate Change” Project in Magude

Under the Empowering Community program, supported by Naturvenforbund (NNV), a Norwegian organization, Livaningo launched the project "Clean Energies in the context of Climate Change" in the district of Magude, in Mozambique.

The four-year project aims to ensure that low-income families have access to affordable, sustainable and modern energy, and to guarantee community involvement in the sustainable management of natural resources, such as land and forests.

In terms of specific actions, the project coordinator, Manuel Cardoso, said that capacity building of the communities in the production of energy efficiency technologies that guarantee not only the efficient use of woody biomass but also the economic and environmental benefits are planned. "We will empower communities to make their own improved cook stoves. These stoves have many advantages because they save firewood, reduce the amount of smoke inhaled by women in domestic use“ Cardoso said.

The other component of the project is linked with solar systems, where it is intended to establish cell phone charging stations in distant locations from the district headquarters. "This process could allow people to have affordable energy and consequently take urgent action to fight climate change and its impacts," he concluded.

Cardoso also believes that the introduction of more efficient technologies for reducing biomass consumption or replacing it with other renewable energy sources may contribute to the deforestation slowdown or decrease and to achieve the sustainable development goals.

Currently, the project is being implemented in 6 districts of the provinces of Maputo, namely, Boane, Moamba, Namaacha, Manhiça, Maputo Cidade and Magude.