29 of June 2017

Climatescope: The Off-grid Data Hub

For the first time, the data hub allows users to discover all of the Climatescope dedicated off-grid sub-indicators. The Climatescope off-grid data viewer offers an overview and comparison of 23 countries, providing electricity prices and fuel prices for each country along with a multitude of indicators. 

The data hub allows users to discover, by country, the following indicators: barriers, clean energy policies, clean energy rural electrification, distributed energy framework, energy access policies, and power sector structure.  The data hub also offers sub-indicators such as: cost reflective tariffs, mini-grid concessions and thresholds, pico-solar quality standards, presence of a program, and more.

Among the available countries, Mozambique is the only Portuguese-speaking country which can be consulted and compared with the other countries.

Access the data hub here.