30 of September 2020

Community Tablet Initiative uses solar kits to educate rural communities in Mozambique

UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) reinforced its commitment to the promotion and dissemination of integrated renewable energy systems, financing the Community T@blet initiative of KAMALEON Eventos Tecnológicas. This financing was supported by the Energy Fund (FUNAE), which welcomed the need to adopt alternative sources of energy, in particular photovoltaic systems for generating electricity for the benefit of rural communities.


The Community T@blet initiative aims to reach 90 communities and more than 800,000 people in rural areas, among farmers and private sector agents involved in small, medium and large scale industrial agro-processing activities, through a national network of distributors.


The community tablet is a digital school built to take the form of a trailer, and therefore easily movable to any location. The tablet contains special large size monitors that allow the dissemination of specific content (on demand) relevant to a given community, internet access, direct selection of content of interest and videoconferencing services.


A solar kit is installed on each tablet using 5 solar panels of 250W, totaling an installed capacity of 1.25kW, in addition to 3kW of the hybrid inverter. On the tablet, solar energy is stored in 4 batteries of 200Ah and later converted into alternating current to power the most varied electronic devices inside.


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Source and Image © UNIDO