30 of March 2016

ECOWAS Renewable Energy Facility - EREF 2

ECREEE announced the first edition of the ECOWAS Renewable Energy Facility (EREF 2) booklet which provides a comprehensive summary of the clean mini-grids projects being implemented in the region through EREF.

The 2nd EREF call focused on mini-grids in peri-urban and rural areas.  Fifty-one proposals underwent a rigorous selection process with the five finalists implementing projects in Bukina Faso, Guniea, Niger, Cabo Verde and Guinea Bissau, Sierra Leone. The newly released booklet presents these five clean mini-grids projects detailing each project’s objectives, main activities and expected results.  The soon-to-be announced third call of proposal (EREF 3) will again focus on clean energy mini-grids but with specific attention to those initiatives supporting and promoting productive uses of electricity (PUE).

For more details about this process and the winning projects, click here.