18 of August 2016

ECREEE, Partners: Boosting the West Africa Solar Corridor Program

The ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE) in collaboration with partners concluded their discussions on the prospect of clean energy corridor in West Africa at a two day workshop held at its headquarters in Praia, Cabo Verde. A key associate in this endeavor is the IRENA project of the “Africa Clean Energy Corridor” designed to accelerate the development of cross border trade in renewable power.

The forum, which began on Thursday 18th August 2016, was supported by the EU, under its Technical Assistance Facility for the “Sustainable Energy for all Initiative” for West and Central Africa. The seminar seeks to provide technical assistance to formulate the West Africa Solar Corridor Program and accompanying prefeasibility study with a view to make the development process of the renewable energy project in the sub-region transparent, practical and explicit. 

Participants at the forum discussed the regional policy and national renewable energy action plans and investment prospectus, as well as lessons learnt from the Africa Clean Energy Corridor. The forum also examined the pre-feasibility of the EU funded Regional (150MW) Solar Power Plant in Burkina Faso, the UNEP supported  GE-TOP Ghana Strategic proposal for the realization of solar PV projects in a cross border power supply context and the 200 MW solar auctions held in Senegal.

The workshop also delved into the ECOWAS Regional generation and transmission master plan, and IRENA’s methodology for renewable energy zones in Africa and its ongoing sustainability analysis for solar and wind in the WACEC. The training further introduced participants to the regulation of the regional cross-border trade of electricity in West Africa. The meeting brought together delegates from the European commission, ECREEE, IRENA WAPP, ERERA and the EU Delegation in Praia.

Source and Images ©  ECREEE