3 of February 2022

EDM develops feasibility studies for a Floating Solar Power Plant in Mozambique

ALER's associated Mozambique Electricity (EDM) has launched a tender for feasibility studies (technical, financial, economic, environmental and social impact assessment, including the financial model and network integration study) for the floating solar power plant in the Chicamba Hydropower plant, in Manica province, Mozambique, and intends to apply part of the amount to payments under the consulting.

The services included under this project are to conduct a full feasibility study of a floating solar PV power plant in Chicamba Reservoir outlining (1) technical viability, (2) financial viability, (3) environmental impact assessment for the power plant infrastructure and interconnection lines and also the environment impact of Dam and marine ecosystem and (4) socio-economic aspects of the proposed floating solar PV project in order to guide EDM and other local stakeholders in its decision-making process. For more information, the project page here


The overall aim of introducing the Floating Solar Option is due to the need for additional power generation and to utilize the existing open water surfaces for power generation and to save arable lands for agriculture purposes. It will also contribute to a better hydrologic regulation.


The assignment should be supported by a preliminary environmental and social impact assessment, including the impact on local flora and fauna (both water and land), bird life, local communities, local fishing, safety, and security aspects.