9 of March 2023

EDM presents a study on the implementation of power plant projects using renewable energy in the national electricity grid

EDM - Electricidade de Moçambique, ALER's member, presented a new study on the implementation of power plants using renewable energy in the national electricity grid of Mozambique on February 16-17.


This document will indicate the maximum capacity of the grid to absorb renewable energy, allowing the Mozambican authority and the energy sector to obtain sufficient information for decision making for the implementation of this projects.


The study also considers three phases in its development: (1) technical analysis of the system, (2) market analysis and (3) establishment of guidelines for the integration of renewable power plants in the national electricity grid.


These projects are being developed in a sustainable way, in order to take advantage of the available natural resources, and also to contribute to the environment conservation through the adoption of green technologies for the development of energy generation projects.


As these projects are environmentally sustainable, EDM intends to develop green corridors that can anchor new medium and large scale renewable energy projects, capable of increasing domestic electricity production capacity and exporting surplus energy to the Southern Africa region.


Source © EDM