19 of September 2016

EDP Commitment to Increase Adoption of Clean Energy Technology in Mozambique announced at Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting

A Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Commitment to Action has been made today at the CGI Annual Meeting in New York to launch a program that will promote community adoption and integration of electricity in the village of Titimane in MozambiqueThis rural community has no access to the country's electric grid, but through a 2015 program by EDP, Titimane will soon have an independent network supplied by renewable energy generated by solar panels and a biomass plant fired by cotton stubble grown by the region's small farmers.

Working with two local NGO implementation partners, EDP will develop an integrated behavior-based economic development approach that will enable all 4,000 members of the community to leverage this new access to electricity by providing comprehensive outreach, training and community programming over 2.5 years in four focus areas: entrepreneurship, education, health, and community empowerment. This will speed up the impact that access to energy can have in improving the quality of life for the residents of Titimane. This integrated and sustainable approach was announced on stage at the CGI Annual Meeting. The Mozambican Government recognizes the importance, innovation and social nature of the project.

Approximately one billion people around the world still have no access to energy. In Mozambique, this situation affects 70% of the population. In Titimane, the only power sources available are battery-powered torches and a few diesel generators.

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ALER is delighted with our Member EDP's recognition regarding the project in Titimane, Mozambique.

Source and Image © EDP