19 of July 2021

EDP funds seven solar energy projects in five African countries

Solar energy is a common element in the seven projects that EDP, through the A2E (Access to Energy) Fund, will support in five countries in Africa: Angola, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda and Malawi. From refrigeration systems for fish and fruit in local markets to the electrification of schools and health centers, or the supply of technologies that make it possible to desalinate water, all projects are based on the same renewable energy source: the sun.

The proposals selected in this third edition of the fund – from a total of 115 applications – now have a global funding of half a million euros, with which EDP intends to promote access to clean energy in remote and deprived regions, and thus helping to fight energy poverty in these territories. As in previous editions, the A2E Fund invests in initiatives in five priority areas – education, health, agriculture, companies, and community – and values assessment criteria such as social impact, partnerships, sustainability, potential for expansion and financial viability.

Mozambique and Nigeria are the countries with the most projects in this edition, two each. In the first case, the projects to be funded are by the Luwire Wildlife Conservancy, which involves the creation of a solar system to power basic services for the local population and the irrigation of agricultural fields.

ADDP Angola wants to abandon diesel generators, replacing them with a renewable energy system to supply schools.

The A2E Fund thus continues the program started in 2018 that has already contributed a total of one million euros to 13 projects that have helped improving the lives of 65 thousand people and, indirectly, of about one million. Each of the projects in this new edition received between 25 thousand and 100 thousand euros, and it is estimated that its development can have a direct positive impact on the lives of 16 thousand people and indirectly benefit more than 15 thousand people in these territories.

With this initiative, EDP reinforces its commitment to the sustainability of the planet, renewable energies and the need to fight poverty and lack of electric energy that still affect the lives of millions of people, especially in remote and poor rural communities in developing countries. Therefore, supporting these projects is a decisive contribution to guaranteeing a more sustainable, inclusive and fair future, in line with the company's own ambition to be fully green by 2030 and to reinforce its commitment to society.

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