31 of October 2019

EDP launches 2nd fase of A2E Fund

EDP - Energias de Portugal, ALER’s Members, launched this month the second edition of the A2E Fund (Access to Energy), a fund that will guarantee 500,000 Euros of support to projects for access to renewable energy in the following countries: Mozambique, Malawi, Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania.


The decision to launch the second edition of this Fund reinforces EDP's commitment to sustainability and the need to combat the poverty and electrical exclusion that still affects the lives of millions of people, especially in remote and underserved rural communities from developing countries.


In this new edition - for non-profit and for-profit entities - the Fund will continue to provide financial support of between 25,000 and 100,000 euros for each project. Applications may be submitted by November 26; an evaluation and pre-selection phase will follow. The selected projects will be announced at the beginning of the year. The promoters will then have to execute the projects throughout the year.


To know more about the A2E Fund read here.

To read the rules and application form click here.


Source and Image © EDP