2 of May 2022

EDP launches the 4th edition of the Energy Access Fund with an annual budget of 1 million euros

EDP- Energias de Portugal S.A, of which the ALER's Member EDP Renewables ​​is a subsidiary, through its “A2E CSR FUND” is committed to improve the lives of people in poverty and strongly believes that access to energy is a necessary condition to break the poverty cycle, allowing the social and economic development in remote rural areas.



The Fund will focus on five major themes to which energy makes a key contribution: education, health, water and agriculture, business, and community.


For its 4th edition, EDP will support projects in Angola, in Mozambique and, also, in Malawi, Nigeria, and Rwanda.


This new edition, together with a new social investment policy, will bring some significant new features. The budget allocation will increase from 500.000€ per year to 1 million € and the financing of projects will increase from 25k€-100k € to between 50k€ to 150k€.



This reinforcement will allow the A2E CSR Fund to increase its impact in terms of the number of organizations supported, larger projects, as well as the number of beneficiaries reached.



The submission period began on April 12th and ends on May 16th 2022.



More information, including Regulations, are available here.