31 of October 2018

'EDP pursues the goal to make energy available for all'

Energy and in particular electricity continues to play a crucial role in linking economic development and reducing inequality. Therefore, EDP pursues the clear goal of putting energy at the service of more sustainable ways of life and has been investing heavily in renewable energies, efficiency and innovation.


EDP has been working towards the universalization of access to sustainable energy for the past decade and is now strengthening its commitment. Within the framework of its social responsibility policy, EDP created the AE2 CSR Fund Program (Access to Energy), which main objective is to contribute to alleviate energy poverty by supporting sustainable and clean energy projects in remote rural areas.


The fund will focus on five areas in which energy plays a crucial role: education, health, water and agriculture, businesses, and community. For the first edition of this program, EDP will support projects in Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania, with a 450.000€ budget. Applications will be evaluated according criteria like social relevance and impact; ability to implement; partnerships; sustainability; expansion; number of beneficiaries; costs/benefits.


With this Access to Energy Fund Program we want to help transform the way energy is produced, distributed and consumed.


EDP also invested in SolarWorks! B.V., a leading pay-as-you-go (PAYG) company based in Mozambique. The company is dedicated to the commercialization of decentralized solar energy solutions, for domestic and business customers without connection to the national grid (off grid). The acquisition of this minority stake, worth two million euros, represents an important step in the group's strategy for universal access to sustainable energy (A2E).


This investment by EDP marks the start of the new strategy defined for the A2E area, in which it has committed to apply 12 million euros over the next three years with the objective of impacting 200 thousand people, mainly in developing countries. In addition to promoting sustainable energy for all, this strategy will enable EDP to become an A2E operator with relevance in emerging markets.


Mr. Guilherme Collares Pereira

International Relations Director A2E, EDP

ALER’s Vice-President