29 of January 2021

EDPR continues to invest in projects to support rural communities through renewable energies

The topic of the universal energy access continues to deserve special attention by Governments and international cooperation and development institutions, as the number of people without electricity continues to reach almost 800 million, and without this resource they can hardly ambition progress and equal opportunities, breaking the cycle of poverty once and for all.


EDPR, an ALER’s Member, continues to invest in companies in Africa, which, using renewable energies, implement off-grid solutions for the generation, distribution, and supply of electricity in rural communities in remote areas. In parallel, EDP makes social investments in the allocation of subsidies for the electrification of community projects.


Thus, since 2018 and with an annual budget of 500,000 Euros, EDP has a Social Responsibility Fund for this purpose. Education, health, agriculture, business, and community are the five priority activities areas for the support of this program. In the last edition, the Fund supported projects such as:


  • Solar energy for the water pump irrigation system, lighting of the training center and artisans' workshop to improve the quality of life in the Matutuine district, through food security, reforestation, and income generation. (NGDO VIDA - Mozambique)
  • Sustainable Irrigation Scheme in Mabinju: 10 drip irrigation systems with a solar pump for 10 groups of farmers and 2 water tanks for each group (Kar Geno - Kenya)
  • 15 kWp solar system for the community training center, to allow young people in a slum to have access to vocational training for paid employment (DADREG - Kenya)
  • 20 kWp solar system for the Community Center, which receive orphans and vulnerable children, including kindergarten, primary and secondary school, orphanage, medical clinic and computer lab. (Centrum Narovinu - Kenya)
  • 39.6 kWp solar system for a hospital and 26 solar water heating equipment, to avoid frequent power outages, reduce the electricity bill and replace the diesel consumption of the reserve generator sets. (Aga Khan - Tanzania)
  • 10 KWp solar system for the Vocational and Professional Education Center for lighting and creating a solar energy workshop. (Salesianos Don Bosco - Nigeria)
  • 50 hydroelectric pumps and 50 irrigation kits for 250 small farmers to practice irrigation agriculture during the dry season. (aQysta - Malawi)
  • 2 1.8 kWp solar systems for pumping water in 2 schools and neighboring communities, allowing access to drinking water. (UNICEF - Malawi)


Given the impact that these projects have had on the life change of thousands of beneficiaries, EDP will maintain this Program, having recently started a 3rd edition of the CSR A2E Fund, which in this period of 2020/2021, will be available for the following countries: Angola, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria and Rwanda.


Learn more about the Fund here.