15 of July 2015

Energy in CPLP

Ladies and Gentlemen,

First of all I would like to thank ALER for this opportunity to speak in the name of renewable and write this editorial which brings me to a reflection about Energy in CPLP.

I am writing to you a few days after the first meeting of the Energy Ministers of CPLP and the international conference about this topic that attracted more than 500 participants to Cascais.

The creation of the CPLP ministerial area and the organization of the first CPLP Conference dedicated to this important topic - Energy in CPLP -, are definitely two important milestones. Due to its geostrategic implications for our Member states, energy is a major contribution to the development process of our Community.

I am sure the approach to the energy dimension of CPLP should take into account the energy mix of our Member States, including renewable energy resources. This dimension allow us to aspire to a new magnitude for our Organization, putting us on the world energy map as an intercontinental platform of political and diplomatic debate, cooperation, business, science and research in the multiple energy dimensions.

We are pleased that ALER has already begun to implement this vision regarding renewable energy, and we welcome all the work that has been done of political and business empowerment.

In my opinion, ALER is an important player not only to seize the opportunities that will arise, but also to reduce the energy poverty of the 34 Million citizens without electricity access.

We will work together to explore the energy and human potential of CPLP, certain that a more external and strategic vision of this capacity will have significant impacts on political dialogue and partnerships, as well as on the economic, social and environmental development of our Member States.

In 2016, the CPLP will complete 20 years and it will face an enormous challenge. Let us give more and better Energy for our common path towards Development!

Thank you for your dedication.

Murade Murargy

Executive Secretary of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP)