30 of April 2021

EU-Africa Green Investment Forum

High Level EU-Africa Green Investment Forum

The Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the European Investment Bank (EIB) organized the EU-Africa High Level Forum on Green Investment, on 23rd April.


This Forum brought together government and business representatives, from international financial institutions and development, from civil society and academia, bringing together different perspectives on sustainable development and green investment.


It was an occasion to share experiences and innovative approaches to mobilize private and public capital for the green transition in Africa and Europe, thus demonstrating how a green and sustainable business model can be profitable, create jobs and wealth, helping to achieve the goals global climatic conditions.

Prior to this event, a series of Green Talks were organized as well as the EU-Africa Business Forum.


Read more about the Forum here.

EU-Africa Business Forum

The EU-Africa Business Forum, which took place between the 20th and the 21st of April, brought together several representatives from the renewable energy sector and within the scope of the event “Accelerating the EU-Africa partnership for the transition of green energy in Africa ” where AMER, an ALER Associate, represented by Emmett Costel, Member of the Board, participated. More info available here.


ALER's partner ARE also participated in the roundtable "Achieving greater private sector participation for faster transformation to sustainable energy in Africa", included in the "High Level Green Talk on Accelerating the EU-Africa Partnership for Green Energy" Transition in Africa ”that took place on the 16th of April. 

Green Talks

As part of this event, in the month leading up to it, 25 virtual conferences (Green Talks) were organized in different capitals on both continents, to promote dialogue between African and European countries on green transition and investment.

ALER was a partner in the organization and participated as a speaker in the Green Talk of São Tomé and Príncipe, which took place on April 9th, with the theme “The challenges of the energy transition in São Tomé and Príncipe”.

You can consult the presentations of the event here:

  1.  Susana Pinto, ALER - download available here.
  2.  Marc Dufour, EIB - download available here.
  3.  Gabriel Makengo, MIREME - download available here.
  4.  Faustino Neto, AFAP - download available here.
  5.  Guilherme Collares Pereira, EDP - download available here.


On April 13th, the Green Talk “Angola + Verde: Opportunities and Challenges for a green transition in Angola” took place, where the Minister of Energy and Water of Angola, João Baptista Borges, was present. Read more about this Green Talk here.