18 of July 2023

EU launches survey on investment in Mozambique

The European Union Delegation has launched a survey among the European private sector in Mozambique, to map the presence of European companies and their contributions to the Mozambican economy. This survey is transversal to all economic sectors, but since renewable energy is a priority for the EU, they would like to receive relevant feedback regarding this sector.


Therefore, in case you are an European company, we urge you to complete the survey, otherwise you can forward it to suppliers or partners that fit the criteria.

  • The survey is available here;
  • Objective: To collect data to outline a more detailed portrait of the extent of EU investment in Mozambique, to obtain information on the main constraints for potential investments and, with the data collected, to better adjust the dialogue between the Delegation and all EU Member States embassies with the Mozambican authorities on investment opportunities;
  • Recipients: All companies and potential investors in Mozambique from EU Member States;
  • Filling time: 5 minutes;
  • Maximum deadline for responses: 30 August 2023;
  • Confidentiality: Responses are confidential and only available to selected and authorised EU staff.

1st high-level EU-Mozambique Global Gateway Investment Forum: 22 and 23 November

The data collected will serve as preparation for the 1sthigh-level EU-Mozambique Global Gateway Investment Forum, an event that will take place on 22 and 23 November and of which ALER is a partner, contributing to the establishment of sessions dedicated to the energy transition and the role of renewable energies.


Business Conference – Renewables in Mozambique 2023: 24 November

On the day following this event, the third edition of the Business Conference – Renewables in Mozambique (RenMoz 2023) will take place.

For more information on any of these events please contact geral@aler-renovaveis.org