18 of December 2018
Field trips to mini-grids in Guinea Bissau

The field-trips to Bambadinca and Contuboel operating mini-grids, in Bafatá region, successfully took place on December 5. Included in the Guinea Bissau Sustainable Energy International Conference, counted with 67 participants.

The participants had a warm welcome from the local communities both at Bambadinca and Contuboel. They were formally welcomed at Bambadinca with a speech from representatives of ALER, TESE, EU Delegation, Regional energy delegation, the local community, FRES and ACDB, the association in charge of managing the Bambadinca mini-grid. They moved on to the mini-grid power plant to the sound of the project music, where SCEB managing team gave information about both the technical solution and the tariff and managing schemes. They have also shared their maintenance challenges, resulting in the mini-grid currently operating only at 71%, and having around 300 clients waiting to be connected.

After a quick lunch at Bafatá, participants arrived at Contuboel to the sound of drums and dancing. A big delegation of the local community awaited them at the mini-grid site, to express their contentment with having electricity access and asking to increase to 24h access. FRES promised to do so during the holiday season with the drawback of having to turn out street lighting. Participants were then divided in small groups to visit the facilities and learn more about the technical and management details.

These technical visits were supported by the European Union Delegation in Guinea-Bissau through the Support Program for the Decentralization of Water and Energy Services in Guinea-Bissau and with the collaboration of TESE in its organization.

More information on Bambadinca and Contuboel is available.

Image © Gentjan Sema