2 of November 2017

General Constituent Assembly and official presentation of AMER

AMER - Mozambican Renewable Energy Association took further steps towards its constitution and starting up of the activities, with ALER’s support and RECP funding.


On the 23 of October, the first General Constituent Assembly took place and has approved the statutes and elected the corporate bodies.


The Installing Committee formed by Andreas F. Ziegler Mendonça, Emmett Costel, Miquelina Menezes and Ricardo Costa Pereira, having been responsible for all the work for the creation of AMER, were proposed and accepted as board members. Guilherme Daniel, who has been supporting the Committee in legal issues, was also invited and accepted to be part of the board. Other two members, Epifânea Gove and Ivano Javane in representation of MND-Energy S.A.,were also elected making all together the 7 members of the board as laid down in the statutes. The President will be elected in the future by the members of the Association.


The Board of the General Meeting is chaired by Professor Boaventura Cuamba, the Vice-President being Samantha Sitoe and the secretary being Dr. Nomier Bazo. The supervisory board is chaired by Khovete Panguene and has two other members, Mauro Bruno Nhamona and Danilo Raul.


Currently AMER has 35 members, 25 individual members, 9 private companies, including ALER and one public company.


The German Corporation for International Cooperation (Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit – GIZ) will support AMER by offering its facilities, so from now on AMER will be based at GIZ offices in Av. do Zimbabwe, 1536 Maputo.


On October 26, at the end of ALER’s Conference “Renewables in the Electrification of Mozambique”, AMER and its board were officially presented. The ceremony was attended by the Vice-Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy who pronounced some supporting words.


The logo and slogan “Together for Renewable Energies in Mozambique” were also presented during the ceremony. The new website will be available at www.amer.org.mz.


Pay attention to the developments of this promising Association and don’t forget to become a member by completing the application form.