31 of January 2023

Get to know the 2022 data on renewable energy production in Portugal

APREN - Associação de Energias Renováveis, ALER's member, published in January the annual data for electricity generation from renewable sources for 2022.


These data, published in the Renewable Electricity Bulletin 2022, shows that throughout 2022 in mainland Portugal 44 060 GWh of electricity were generated in the accumulated months from January to December, of which 57.2% was from renewable sources.


In these values, wind energy represents 29%, followed by 14% of hydroelectric energy, 7.5% of biomass, 5.8% of solar energy and 5.2% of pumping.


The total energy produced from fossil sources was 37.7%, in a country where, according to the APREN Bulletin, Portugal was the fourth country with the highest renewable incorporation in electricity generation.


The remaining data indicates that:

  • The electricity generation sector emitted a total of 6.0 MtCO2eq, with the renewable electricity generation sector avoiding the emission of 8.0 million tons of CO2eq;


  • It was recorded an average hourly price of €167.9/MWh, in the Iberian Electricity Market, in Portugal;


  • The National Electricity System recorded an import balance of 9,258 GWh, with exports of electricity of 2,913 GWh and imports of 12,171 GWh.


In 2022, the Mibel (Iberian electricity market) recorded the highest average annual price (167 euros per MWh) due to the lack of renewable energy production motivated by drought and the high price of natural gas.


Source © APREN