19 of July 2023

GET.invest Finance Catalyst is looking for sustainable energy projects in sub-Saharan Africa

GET.invest Finance Catalyst has opened a new round of applications until August 8th for small and medium-sized sustainable energy opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific.


With the aim of connecting qualified projects and companies to financing institutions, the GET.invest Finance Catalyst team provides advisory support in the areas of investment, business case structuring and access to finance.


Through GET.invest Finance Catalyst, projects and companies with strong underlying foundations can be supported to access debt and equity, possibly combining with grants, with the aim of achieving financial closure.


Applications will be analysed by independent experts, who seek to assess the commercial, technical, and financial viability, management and maturity of the project, as well as the added value that GET.invest Finance Catalyst can bring to the project.


The GET.invest Finance Catalyst is open for applications throughout the year. All applications are evaluated in recurring cycles of three to four weeks, after which the applicant will receive feedback.


Find out how to apply here.



Photo: EnDev