9 of March 2023

Guinea-Bissau plans to install new photovoltaic power plants in the country

In an interview with the Guinean newspaper "O Democrata", Abdu Jaquité, delegate of the Government of Guinea-Bissau said that the photovoltaic (PV) power plants that are planned to be installed will make up for the country's energy deficit.


According to the Government delegate, the PV power plant will be installed by the Chinese company Hunan Construcion Investment Group, "a company interested in investing in the country energy sector. The project foresees the installation of four PV power plants in four regions of Guinea-Bissau: Mansoa (center), Gabú (east), Buba (south) and Cacheu (north).


Jaquité added that it is important for the country to have independence in this sector, in order to bring energy to the most remote areas of the national territory.  


At this moment, "we are working on the details of the contract and the guarantee for the company or the investor, as well as the duration of the project," he said.


"In this mission, we held several meetings with the authorities, namely with the Minister of Energy, Augusto Poquena, who expressed his satisfaction for the project, as well as his anxiety for its materialization; we met with the Prime Minister, Nuno Gomes Nabian, and with the Vice Prime Minister, Soares Sambú, who also expressed their pleasure and guaranteed the government's engagement to respond to the concerns of the HCIG Company, giving maximum guarantee of return on investment."


The Government delegate also assured that from Guinea-Bissau's side "it is an opportunity to bring energy to the most remote areas and boost development. For the Chinese company (HCIG), it is a business opportunity with a good profit margin, investment security, and a door for future investments.


The interview is available here.


Source © O Democrata