28 of July 2017

Guinea-Bissau Towards New and Renewable Energies

Dear Readers,

Guinea-Bissau is a country that has experienced and continues to go through very delicate times concerning the supply of modern and sustainable energy services to the population, especially in rural areas. In order to reverse this situation, the country has adopted objectives and strategies aimed at minimizing this scenario by using alternative or clean energy sources.

The country intends to adopt a clear strategy with a dynamic and transformative vision for the energy sector, to address structural problems, ensure the well-being of the population and the sustainable development of the country. The strategy focuses on three main pillars, namely:

  1. At least 80% access to electricity, with the majority being produced by renewable energy sources in 2030 (at least 50% penetration of renewables in the national grid by 2030 and 80% penetration of renewables in off-grid power generation systems).
  2. At least 75% of country’s population with access to safe and modern cooking sources.
  3. Adoption and internalization of rational and efficient practices of energy production and consumption.

In order to reach these objectives, many actions have been or are being developed and implemented throughout the country, among which I highlight:


In the near future, the Government intends to project the construction of 3 photovoltaic power plants of 2 MW each in Canchungo, Bafata and Gabu, as well as another 20 MW power plant with a connection to Bissau’s grid and a further 5 MW plant in Mafanco. The construction of the Saltinho hydro power plant is also foreseen, whose studies are currently being updated.

Over the years, Guinea-Bissau has relied on the constant support of its partners such as the EU, GEF / UNIDO, ECREEE and more recently ALER, for the definition and implementation of its renewable energy’s projects.

We hope to be able to announce very soon, jointly with ALER, activities to promote renewable energy initiatives in Guinea-Bissau and encourage the participation of the private sector.


Bissau, 26 July 17

Júlio António Raul

Renewable Energy Director at Ministry of Energy and Industry of Guinea-Bissau