27 of April 2018

Guinea-Bissau towards sustainable energy

Guinea-Bissau is dedicated to make a prosperous country, to provide clean energy to its population and achieve sustainable development in support of the activities that can leverage the country. The Ministry of Energy, Industry and Natural Resources welcomes and congratulates the active forces, companies, individuals, UNIDO, ECREEE, ALER and all who contributed directly or indirectly to the preparation of the Guinea Bissau Sustainable Energy Investment Workshop to ensure it will be a success.

Conscious that the elaborated documents (National Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP), the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP), the Sustainable Energy for All Action Agenda (SEforALL AA), the Sustainable Energy for All Investment Prospectus (SEforALL IP) and the Guinea Bissau Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Status Report) may act as key elements to push renewable energies in Guinea Bissau and make them an instrument that can lead the country to achieve the established targets.

Finally, I wish that the workshop in Lisbon may be a springboard for the Conference in December in Guinea Bissau full of success and that it will bear fruits for Guinea Bissau in terms of funds in order to create greater welfare for all the population.

António Serifo Embaló

Ministry for Energy, Industry and Natural Resources