31 of March 2020

How can the renewables off-grid contribute to achieve SDG 7 and 13

ARE, ALER’s partners, in cooperation with GIZ, has launched its new paper, as part of its position paper series: Off-Grid Renewable Energies to achieve SDG-7 and SDG-13: Cheaper, Cleaner and Smarter.


Until now what has been missing is evidence of the potential of off-grid technologies to achieve both SDG-7 and SDG-13 in a cheaper, cleaner and smarter manner than other alternatives.


New evidence from the GIZ, Reiner Lemoine Institute and the greenwerk. study Off-Grid Renewable Energy for Climate Action is without ambiguity: off-grid renewable energy solutions, such as clean energy mini-grids and solar home systems have significant environmental, practical, economic and socio-economic merits over grid expansion.


The number of people without access to modern forms of electricity still remains at a level of almost 1 billion. Access levels are unevenly distributed with especially Sub-Saharan African countries tailing behind on ambitions to reach universal access to electricity by 2030. Significantly more investments are needed to achieve SDG-7 to “ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all,” as well as SDG-13 to “take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.”


The newly launched position paper stems from the larger study and outlines key policy recommendations by GIZ and ARE on how to create a conducive environment for off-grid renewables and link the sector more closely with climate financing.


Regarding ARE new presidency, in the past 17thMarch, 2020 ARE held its Annual General Meeting and appointed Claudio Pedretti (CEO, WindKinetic) as its new President, replacing Vivian Vendeirinho (Founder & Managing Director, RVE.SOL) who stepped down after serving two years as President and four years as a Board Member. To support its strategic objectives of building a sustainable decentralised renewable energy industry for the 21st century, activating markets for affordable energy services, and creating local jobs and inclusive economies, ARE Members also adopted the working programme with new key partners and initiatives for 2020.


Claudio Pedretti is the founder and CEO of WindKinetic, NexuS Energy and Clean Climate Ventures. He brings over 10 years of experience in industrial applications in demanding markets such as oil & gas, telecom, mining as well as rural electrification. His companies have worked to power off-grid electrical devices in remote settings. He will serve as ARE’s President till 2024.


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Source and Imagem © ARE