27 of October 2021

Integration of Renewable Energies in the Santa Maria Wastewater Treatment Plant

APP-Ambiente, ALER'S associate, the concessionaire for the management of the wastewater sanitation system on the Ilha do Sal, is implementing the second expansion of the Santa Maria WWTP, up to a capacity of 3,750 m3/day, which will imply a significant increase in the consumption of electrical energy in the various treatment processes.


The 302 kWp solar photovoltaic plant that is being built will be the third largest in Ilha do Sal, after Santa Maria (2,344 kWp) and Ponta Preta (1,356 kWp), and this power will allow a ratio of 98% self-consumption at the time of greater radiation and a coverage ratio of 30% on the total electrical energy consumption of the WWTP.


The project relies on the co-financing of 20% of the project “Access to Sustainable Energy for Water Management: Nexus Energy-Water” promoted by the Government of Cape Verde, financed by the Global Environment Fund (GEF) and implemented by the Organization of United Nations for Industrial Development (UNIDO).


It is expected that the work will be finished in November and the objective is to continue with the process of decarbonising electricity consumption started in 2015 in the hydraulic infrastructures managed by Águas de Ponta Preta, thus meeting the challenges of the climate emergency in the field of water.


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More information at http://aguaspontapreta.cv/