31 of July 2019

International Conference on Solar Technologies and Hybrid Mini-Grids 2020

ALER is partner of the 3rdInternational Conference on Solar Technologies and Hybrid Mini-Grids that will be held at Universitat de les Illes Baleares, in Palma, Spain, from 1-3 April 2020, and it’s organized by EnDev, KIT, GIZ, REPIC, Siemens Stiftung, SNV e WISE.


The main objective of the conference is to provide an opportunity for an exchange between practitioners from the industry, academia and development institutions working in the field of decentralized energy. The conference will cover technical, business and management aspects of solar technologies and mini grids with the aim of sharing experiences, learning from each other and networking.


The purpose of the conference is to discuss the nexus of energy access with other sectors more in depth. The event will also provide a forum to exchange experiences with the different business models in the field of solar technologies and mini-grids and innovative approaches. Acknowledged experts will be invited to provide an overview about the status of the different technology areas and give room to participants, which want to present their results from scientific research or experiences from the fieldwork.


Regarding the partnership between ALER and the organisation, our members have a discount on the fee.

If you want to know more please contact geral@aler-renovaveis.org


To know more about the event please visit: http://www.energy-access-conferences.com/    



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