31 of March 2021

Join ALER - AMER Working Group on Off-Grid energy in Mozambique

ALER, in partnership with AMER, will participate in the consultation process to the preliminary draft Regulation on off-grid energy access in Mozambique, which is taking place until the 15th of April.


We plan to organize a joint ALER-AMER online meeting of the private sector to discuss and harmonize the comments received. A single document will be drawn up with the compilation of all comments from the private sector received by both Associations, which will be submitted to the regulator, ARENE, within the stipulated deadline.


Do not miss this unique opportunity to contribute to the development of this market segment in Mozambique.

To join the Working Group and have access to the document, review it, send your comments and ensure that they will reach the regulator and be analyzed just become an ALER Partner by taking advantage of the promotional campaign until the end of April. Send us an email to geral@aler-renovaveis.org.


It is on these occasions that the role of the Associations is most relevant, as coordination platforms and spokesperson for the interests of the private sector, working together with all stakeholders to achieve a regulatory environment conducive to investment and that allows increasing access to energy general and renewables in particular.


Read more about the regulation here.


This working group was created within the scope of the Europe-Mozambique Investment Forum: Renewables in Mozambique 2021, organized by ALER and AMER last March.