31 of January 2020

Launch of the Market Development Fund

On February 12, 2020 the Market Development Fund of BRILHO Program will be launched in Maputo, Mozambique.


The BRILHO Program is a 5-year program, with national coverage, which will catalyze the off-grid market in Mozambique, promoting and supporting business initiatives that can provide clean and accessible energy solutions to the population and companies, in a competitive and sustainable manner.


The program has a mandate to support private sector initiatives by leveraging its capacity for innovation and resources to develop and invest in off-grid solutions and services; and thus improve the lives of low-income people through savings, well-being and livelihood opportunities, while providing commercial benefits for the private sector.


To achieve its objective, the BRILHO program, through the Market Development Fund, offers selected companies a unique combination of structured and non-repayable financing up to £ 1,500,000 and specialized technical support for risky business initiatives, aiming to achieve competitive commercial returns. Besides, the BRILHO program supports the development of the sector's ecosystem, improving access to information, stimulating demand, establishing quality references and supporting the development of a more favorable regulatory framework.


To find out if your project is eligible for this Fund and learn about the event contact: mozambique@snv.org 


Source and Imagem © BRILHO